30th Annual Ironworker Instructor Training Program

Dates: 08 – 18 Jul, 2014
  • Location: Washtenaw Community College and Eastern Michigan University (CWI course only)

Note the following important dates:

  • 8 - 18 July: CWI course (arrive on 7 July)
  • All other participants arrive on 12 or 13 July
  • Opening Session on Sunday the 13th at about 5:00PM on the University of Michigan Campus
  • Annual program 14 - 18 July

Click here for the 2014 Annual Ironworkers Instructors' program catalog

Click here for driving directions for those staying at the Marriott Hotel.

Click here for driving directions for those staying at the University of Michigan.

Click here for a map of the University of Michigan.

Click here for driving directions for those staying at Eastern Michigan University (only CWI students and program instructors - those teaching courses during the annual program).

Click here for the Washtenaw Community College campus map.

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