Action Alerts

Infrastructure and energy

​​President Biden has called on Congress to pass a multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.  This could be a huge opportunity to secure work for ironworkers and strengthen our union – but interest groups are trying to push the bill away from labor.  We need your help to make sure ironworkers' voices are heard. 

Our goals

  • Strengthen labor standards by adding apprenticeship utilization and anti-misclassification measures to all federally funded infrastructure projects. 

  • Expand those labor standards to cover tax credits and loans to the clean energy industry.

What you can do

  • Contact your member of Congress and talk to them about labor standards in infrastructure and energy.  After you do, let the political department know through our reporting system and we will follow up with that congressperson's office in D.C.

  • Read the one pager explaining our position.

Action Alerts