IRAP Campaign Resources

Defending our Union from IRAPs  

This page is a local union’s one-stop shop for resources during the IRAP campaign. Scroll down to the Resources section for message guidance, FAQ and how to collect comments. Check back frequently for more materials and updates. 

We all need to pitch in to protect our apprenticeships and union from Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs).  The Department of Labor has released a draft rule that, if language exempting the construction industry were removed, would undercut our training programs across the United States – and we have only a short comment period to weigh in.  Every ironworker’s voice counts, and every local leader has a role to play. 

Local unions must collect unique personal comments during in-person comment banks, morning dispatch, and worksite visits. 

Comments must be submitted along with identifying information to the same day they are collected. Comments can only be submitted once so please be sure to follow the instructions.

Send ironworkers who are unable to write comments in-person to to customize and submit a comment. 


Final Countdown
Last Dash for Comments

We are in the final phase of the comment period.  The Department of Labor will close the door for comments on August 26, 2019, and the International must receive member comments from locals before then to guarantee they will be counted.

​Every local must collect personal, unique comments from their membership and submit them promptly, along with each commenter’s identifying information, to  Check the resources section below for guidance and forms.  Locals should use email and social media to direct hard-to-reach members to, but this is not a substitute for in-person, unique comments.

What’s Next?

This campaign does not end this month.  The Department of Labor will take months to publish the final rule, and during this time locals must lobby their Senators and Representatives to defend union apprenticeships.  We will hold elected officials accountable in November of next year.



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Iron Workers’ Political Department or call (202) 383-4800



  • Ross Templeton, Political & Legislative Director

    • (202) 340-6502;
  • Stacy Botner, Assistant to the Director

    • (202) 383-4881;
  • Gina Maglionico, Political Representative 

    • (202) 805-7991;
  • Michelle Frisk, Legislative Representative 

    • (202) 774-4070;
  • Mitchell Bechtel, IRAP Campaign Data Lead

    • (530) 701-4129;