January 2012

Local 27 Mobile Wind Turbine Training Tower

Talk about taking training on the road to help meet the wind turbine training needs of their district council, Local 27 (Salt Lake City) fabricated a mobile wind turbine training tower. This tower can be used to train ironworkers in tower climbing and tower rescue.

Local 27 is one of five training centers involved in the Department of Labor (DOL) wind turbine training grant received by the Iron Workers early in 2010. The grant proposal was written by staff members from the National Training Fund and IMPACT and has been instrumental in providing training for a large number of ironworkers.

After using a simulated wind turbine tower during their initial training, Local 27 members decided that they needed a similar tower, but one that they could take to other training centers in their district council. The tower was provided as part of the DOL grant. To take the tower on the road meant having a special trailer built to accommodate the training tower. The trailer not only carries the tower, but has space for the tools, equipment and harnesses required for the training. The trailer has an electric/hydraulic system that will "stand up" the tower once the trailer arrives at the training site. According to Local 27, upon arriving at a training site they can have the trailer unloaded and the tower erected in less than 30 minutes.

Recently the wind turbine trainers from Local 27 traveled to Local 495 (Albuquerque, N.M.) to conduct training for apprentices and journeymen. This is a trip of about 800 miles one way-so this really is a mobile training trailer.

For more information on this mobile wind turbine training trailer, contact Mike McDonald, Local 27 business manager.