April 2012

A Thank You to the John H. Lyons Sr. Scholarship Foundation

I enclosed the photos for a special reason. Throughout this first semester, the construction was of great interest to me, and actually helped me through this semester. I loved watching the ironworkers build, and felt a little closer to home and my father. I loved hearing the machinery and metal noises. I even signed the beam. Just now, I realized that the local, which was doing the construction, was my father’s Local 207 (Youngstown, Ohio). It is very special because, you see, I am the first recipient of the John H. Lyons Sr. scholarship from Local 207.

I just wanted to thank all of those involved with the decision to award me this scholarship. It means so much to me.



Annie Laurie Holfelder

Annie Laurie is the daughter of John Holfelder Jr. of Local 207 (Youngstown, Ohio) and was awarded a John H. Lyons Sr. Scholarship in 2011. Annie Laurie had 3.9 GPA for the fall semester. Congratulations, Annie Laurie!