May 2012

National Training Fund Supports Increasing Metal Building Market Share

Ironworkers have been erecting metal buildings for many years. In an effort to increase our market share in this part of our trade, the National Training Fund will soon be publishing a totally new training package entitled Metal Building Systems.

This new training package will include a reference manual, instructor guide, student workbook, drawings, and an instructor DVD which includes a great deal of video showing how to erect a metal building system. The information in this new manual includes:

• Introduction to Metal Building Systems
• Preparing to Erect a Metal Building System
• Unloading, Laying Out and Storing Materials
• Reading Metal Building System Drawings
• Erecting Structural Steel
• Installing Insulation, Wall Panels, Trim and Flashing
• Installing Roof Insulation, Panels and Ridge Caps
• Installing Gutters, Downspouts, Rake Trim and Peak Boxes
• Installing Doors and Windows

Re-Roofing and Other Metal Building Renovations

Each year the National Training Fund holds their instructor training program in Ann Arbor, Mich. This year during the 28th annual program, local union instructors will be able to enroll in a metal buildings course. This year the course will include an increased hands-on component working with a new 20x30 metal building system along with new roof and wall mock-ups. Course participants will erect and then take down the complete metal building system.

We strongly encourage all local unions to teach metal building systems as part of their local curriculum. In order to increase our market share in this important area, we must have trained ironworkers ready to erect metal buildings for our contractors. We therefore encourage local unions to have one of their instructors participate in this course and then use the new training materials to teach the knowledge and skills to their apprentices and journeymen.

For more information on this new training package and the annual instructor training program, contact the Apprenticeship and Training Department.