May 2012

On Time, On Budget, 100% Safe: Shangri-La Roof Top

Curtain Wall 65th Floor
Location:  180 University Ave., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Architect: James KM Cheng and Hariri Pontarini Architects
Developer:  Westbank Projects Corp. and Peterson Investment Group Inc.
Expected occupancy date: late 2012
The Shangri-La:
Living Shangri-La Toronto, located at 180 University Avenue at Adelaide Street, is a 65-story tower. The five-star Shangri-La Hotel will occupy the first 17 floors of this development, floors 18–49 floors are residences, floors 50–66 are private estates, for a total of 200 hotel suites and 352 residential suites. The first 17 floors will incorporate the historic “Bishops Block”—one of the oldest remaining buildings in Toronto.

Curtain Wall Fabrication: Sebba Steel Construction Ltd., Gormely, Ontario, Canada

Curtain Wall Erection: Sebba Steel Construction Ltd., 
Gormely, Ontario, Canada

Sebba Steel Erection Crew (Local 721, Toronto, Ontario): 
Nam Manh Nguyen (Andy) – foreman, Richard Power, Bobby Power, and Chris Braun

This roof top curtain wall was fabricated and installed by Sebba Steel Construction Ltd., in January/February 2012. The project is only one of many projects Sebba Steel has done for the outstanding new Shangri-La Tower.

In the shop, these long lengths of HSS were rolled to create the curved portion of the bow trusses. Scott West, the shop foreman at Sebba Steel, meticulously fabricated the first bow truss. Upon completion, it was used as a jig to substantially speed up fabrication of the trusses to follow. As each quadrant of the curtain wall components were completed and carefully labeled, they were then shipped out to be sand blasted, then primed with a special primer followed by a three-step epoxy coating to get their final finish (process completed by The Blastman Coatings Ltd. in Brampton, Ontario). Then each quadrant of the curtain wall assembly was shipped to the site, and flown up to the 65th floor via the tower crane. With a busy loading area, scheduling delivery and tower crane time had to be very precise—many times with a window as a small as only 1½ hours. Louie Skretas, Sebba Steel’s estimator, was in charge of this critical timing. When beginning this task, Louie could be heard quietly saying, “Let the dance begin.” Many times delivery had to be delayed, due to either high winds or various other types of inclement weather or changes in the tower crane schedule.

Andy, Sebba Steel’s erection foreman, along with his crew Rick, Bobby, and Chris of Local 721, carefully installed the curtain wall bow trusses and assembly parts that now run the entire perimeter of the 65th floor. This curtain wall will be glazed and act as a terrace railing, windbreak, and work of art for the penthouse suite terraces. Working at this height in winter conditions was quite a challenge and not for the faint of heart.
Mike Dix, business agent for the project, reports the bid process was followed with Sebba Steel getting the work, employing ten ironworkers. Mike states, “The project was beautifully done, on time, on budget, and 100 percent safe.”

The ironworkers of Local 721, with Sebba Steel, are extremely proud to be involved in this incredible project and to be a part of what will be Toronto’s skyline for years to come.