August 2012

Superintendent Training for Ironworkers

The National Training Fund and IMPACT recently conducted the Superintendent Training for Ironworkers pilot course. The 24-hour course was held during May 15-17 at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Maryland. General President Walter Wise welcomed the participants and thanked them for their time and assistance in the development of this superintendent training course.

Participants from the U.S. and Canada completed the self-study component in the weeks prior to the course. This included reading the reference manual and completing a series of online exercises. Course content includes the roles and responsibilities of the superintendent as well as how to manage project schedules, information, people, the job site, and safety. Participants also learned communication skills, how to close out a project, and basic construction finance and law.

The primary objective of the pilot course was to finalize the content in the Superintendent Training for Ironworkers reference manual, provide comments on the online exercises, and to test the design of the group-based component of the course. Based upon the feedback from the course participants, needed changes were made and the final course will be available for all ironworkers and contractors in September of 2012.

When asked about the course, one participant responded, "I liked working in small groups to solve problems where I was able to get the perspectives from superintendents from all over the U.S. and Canada." Another said, "I liked the group study working out problems using different perspectives and approaches to problems."

The course instructors were Mike Relyin of the Apprenticeship and Training Department and Rick Sullivan of IMPACT. Assisting with the course was Floyd Elliff, Local 263 (Dallas/Ft. Worth) president and a superintendent for CN Construction.

How to Enroll in the Course

Ironworkers interested in enrolling in the self-study course will need to contact their local apprenticeship coordinator. The coordinator will order the manual from the Apprenticeship Department's online bookstore. The ironworker (depending on local union policy) will then pay for the manual.

The coordinator will enroll the ironworker in the Superintendent Training for Ironworkers course using the Apprenticeship Tracking System. The ironworker (who must have an e-mail address and Internet access) will then receive an e-mail with instructions for how to access the online learning center to work on the online exercises. After completing the reading of the manual and online exercises, the ironworker will be able to print a certificate of completion.

Contractors interested in having their ironworker foremen, general foremen, and superintendents participate in this course have two options. They can visit the IMPACT website at and look for the IMPACT Construction College to register and purchase the manual. They can also refer their foremen, general foremen and superintendents to their local union apprenticeship coordinator.

The group-based component of the course will be conducted at various locations around the U.S. and Canada at the request of the district council presidents or the IMPACT regional advisory boards. Participants attending the group-based component of the course must be sponsored by their employer or local union.

The purpose of this new blended learning course is to help develop skilled superintendents allowing more ironworkers to assume leadership positions with our contractors. For more information on the Superintendent Training for Ironworkers, contact the Apprenticeship and Training Department or IMPACT.

Pilot Course Participants

Dwayne Richels,  Local 771 & Supreme Steel
Nicholas Merlino, Local 405 & Bayshore Rebar Inc.
Peter LaPlaca,  Local 37 & HB Welding Inc.
Robert R. Cross Jr., Local 396 & Ben Hur
Pete Borsos, Local 3 & Kvaerner
Brian Lowe, Local 25 & Kvaerner
Ryan Lima, Local 377 & California Erectors
Phillip Brendle, Local 22 & Ben Hur
Mike MacDonald, Local 395 & The Pangere Group
Eugene Matthews, Local 580 & Tower Installation
Christopher Meza, Local 263 & Bosworth Steel Erectors
Jonathan Leder, Local 720 & Supreme Steel LP of Supreme Group
Brandon Forar, Local 512 & DCCI (Danny’s Construction Company)
Levi Medlin, Local 584 & Bennett Steel
Frank Samargin, Local 1 & DCCI (Danny’s Construction Company)
Erik Frondorf, Local 44 & Ben Hur Construction
Daniel Baxter, Local 25 & Detroit International Industrial Contracting Corporation
Charles Baxter, Local 25 & Detroit International Industrial Contracting Corporation
Rex Christensen, Local 21 & Davis Erection Company
Kris Remillard, Local 728 & Structal Heavy Steel Construction