May 2013

California Healthcare Facility

Perhaps the largest construction project in the state, the California Healthcare Facility is a 1.2-million-square-foot facility located on 400 acres near Stockton, Calif. When complete, it will provide housing and intermediate medical and mental health care for 1,722 inmates from California’s 33 state prisons. The $900 million project began in April 2012 using members from Local 118 (Sacramento) for Southern Folger. The project consists of 49 buildings. Over 190,000 man-hours will be logged with 205 ironworkers used at its peak, installing 127,000 steel panels, 124,000 feet of weld and 100,000 concrete anchors. The ironworkers provided the installation of detention grade wall panel systems, 1,800 security doors and frames including locks and hardware, metal security ceilings and steel furniture in all cells.

Local 118 FST/Business Manager Rick Davis stated, “The Iron Workers worked on an extremely tight schedule that turned over each building in a 30-day time frame.”

The project was a huge economic boost in a region particularly hard hit by the recession. The initial increase came in construction jobs at the jobsite—nearly 5,500, with up to 1,700 workers on a given day. State officials estimate the construction alone will generate more than $1 billion in economic output, especially helping the region since the bulk of the workers must come from within 50 miles of Stockton. More than half of the subcontracts and labor are being sourced locally, a result of a legal settlement won by the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, the city of Stockton and San Joaquin County Government.