May 2013

DOAMM Highlights West Coast Projects

The Department of Ornamental, Architectural and Miscellaneous Metals (DOAMM) has been very active over the past year. We are receiving calls daily assisting companies and local unions to bring projects to fruition.

Most encouraging is our local unions are taking a hands-on approach for each job. Some locals are pre-training on specific mock-ups for the ornamental and architectural scope of work. In the last year, we have distributed over 40 mock-ups to apprenticeships throughout the United States and Canada. This is inclusive of a 9’ x 9’ sash frame/swing door and structural glass. While most contractors are local, we work with many international contractors willing to work across the U.S. and Canada, such as Permasteelisa, Enclos Corp, Harmon and Crown Corr. In addition, we have local contractors benefiting from this type of market.

A strong opportunity to increase our man-hours exists. Local union members own many companies. Although we have worked composite crews with other crafts, there is no reason why we cannot do this work in its entirety. We go the extra mile each and every day.  There are many ironworkers who have spent their entire career installing glass, pre-glazed windows, curtainwall, and caulking and fireproofing. In the end, we have to be productive to compete in a highly competitive market! Our ironworkers have more drive and determination to excel at our craft, bar none!

A View from Local 433 (Los Angeles)
Mike Silvey, FST/BM

It appears Los Angeles has weathered the worst of the economic downturn, with many new projects in various stages of planning and design.

We are fortunate much of the upcoming work has been signed to project labor agreements, thanks to the efforts of one of our own, brother Robbie Hunter, in his role as head of the Los Angeles and Orange County Building Trades. We congratulate Robbie in his election to president of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California.

Los Angeles has approved the building of a new football stadium. We just need a team to play here, so hold onto your team if you have one, or they will be heading to L.A.!  Associated with the new stadium, new high-rise hotels are planned for the downtown area. Universal City has new high-rises planned, as well as extensive work to improve their existing facilities. There is a new, and iconic, bridge to be built at the harbor, and major expansion underway at LAX.

All said, there is a 75-story, a 55-story, a 40- and a 60-story, and twin 50-stories planned, as well as a few mid-rises. While the contracts have not yet been assigned, we are confident we will have ironworkers on all aspects of these projects, including our curtainwall contractors.

Los Angeles and Las Vegas have many skilled ironworkers working with some of the largest curtainwall contractors in the U.S. Together, we have built structures recognized around the world.

We, along with Local 377 (San Francisco) ironworkers, are now focusing on taking the training of our members to the next level with training in the use of total station instruments. We thank Rick Sullivan, director of education and training for IMPACT, Kevin Hilton, CEO of IMPACT, Lee Worley, executive director of apprenticeship and training, and Ray Dean, director of the ornamental, architectural and miscellaneous metals department, for their support and involvement with this training initiative. Construction technology is constantly advancing, presenting new challenges to our industry.

As always, ironworkers will accept these new challenges, and continue to be the best in the industry.