May 2013

Ironworkers Proud Partnership with Enclos Corp

The Iron Workers Union is proud to have a long, productive relationship with Enclos Corp. Enclos’ talented union crews most effectively differentiate them from competition on the jobsite, making Enclos, and their union workers, the smart and safe choice for jobs done right.

Enclos is expert in the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly and erection of custom facade systems, providing complete design-build services to the construction marketplace. Specializing in innovative architecture and challenging building projects, no project is too large, no building site too difficult. Their work experience includes many projects with specialized materials, complex geometry, novel structural and mechanical system designs. Enclos curtainwall, facade and skylight systems combine innovative design with state-of-the-art materials and performance.

Of critical importance in the project development process is curtainwall fabrication and assembly. Enclos Corp provides fabrication services for the most complex designs and the most challenging project schedules, incorporating state-of-the-art equipment and processes for curtainwall unit fabrication and assembly, with union ironworkers providing the skilled labor needed.

Managing the project delivery process is the core strength of Enclos, providing consistent control over the vital requirements of schedule, quality and cost. And within that success, and with dependable union craftsmanship, lays the foundation for many long-term and thriving relationships with developers, general contractors and architects.

Each new project undertaken by Enclos is treated as unique, and a custom delivery strategy is developed in direct response to the singular set of considerations presented by the project. This custom strategy, however, is developed through a uniform process unique to Enclos that embraces the spectrum of activities from pre-construction through design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly and erection. This process, developed and refined through the successful completion of hundreds of remarkably diverse facade and curtainwall installations, serves to mitigate the inherent risk of a challenging building project by enhancing the predictability of performance, schedule and cost.

Enclos understands the critical importance of a building project being delivered on time and on budget.

The reputation of Enclos and their union workers for outstanding performance on the jobsite is central to the award of many projects over their competitors.

Everyone involved in the construction process knows the critical importance of the building site, the playing field for the contracting teams. This is where the myriad complexities of a construction project converge and coalesce into architecture. The building site must be a particular focus for systems such as the building skin, where a large part of the process takes place off site; design, engineering, fabrication and assembly all precede the delivery of material to the site and the commencement of field installation. Yet the site is where all must come together. These preceding activities must be accomplished with a keen eye to the site, anticipating unique site-specific requirements and developing effective installation strategy to assure optimum performance.

The expert execution by union ironworkers and Enclos on the building site is a core strength and an effective tool in helping architects realize their design intent while staying within a determined budget, while assisting general contractors in controlling the building site and maintaining project schedules, and in providing owners a top quality building coupled with the economics of efficient delivery.

Safety is of paramount importance to Enclos, and they endeavor to be most rigorous in their safety planning. Enclos Corp has embraced a Zero Accident philosophy, echoing the Iron Workers Zero Fatality campaign. They have a comprehensive site safety plan that instigates and manages a project specific safety program for all of their employees and subcontractors. The program consists of training, weekly toolbox meetings and careful site evaluation prior to the commencement of work activities. The safety program includes preparation of a site-specific safety plan for each project, inclusion of safety training as a budget item in project bid preparation, top management participation in investigation of recordable injuries, provision for anonymous disclosure of unsafe conditions or behavior, assurance that every worker receives a minimum of 4 hours per month of safety training, and each safety professional serving a maximum of 50 site workers.

General Organizer Ray Dean states of the Iron Workers’ relationship with Enclos, “Enclos Corporation has a great working relationship with the Department of Ornamental, Architectural, and Miscellaneous Metals (DOAMM). We have worked side by side to develop quality control, hands on training and safety. Utilizing the Iron Workers International Agreement has enabled Enclos to work across the U.S.A. to bring in projects on time and on budget.”

Enclos, with the Iron Workers Union as their partner, will be a leader in the development and application of advanced exterior wall technologies, with a continued emphasis of providing their workers a safe and healthy environment in which to work.

Thank you to Enclos for the generous use of their website materials in preparation of this article.