May 2013

RedBuilding at the Pacific Design Center

Local 433 (Los Angeles) ironworkers showcased their unique and stunning skills at the RedBuilding at the Pacific Design Center, an Alliance of Quality Construction Q Award winner for their quality craftsmanship on a project built with union labor, excellent labor/management relations, an exemplary safety record and a proficient use of apprentices. The RedBuilding was all union built with ULLICO financing in West Hollywood, Calif.

The RedBuilding, a unitized curtainwall project with over 3,000 units and 7,000 different glass sizes, was completed on time, on budget and with zero injuries. The expertise of the ironworkers to install panels in precise locations, assured an excellent watertight building with only one straight wall on the north side. The rest of the building has inside, outside segmented areas, slopes, and straight and curved reverse slopes. The team worked over 35,000 hours without an injury.

Located on a 14-acre site, the RedBuilding is the third, final and most striking component in the three-part project at the Pacific Design Center by architect Cesar Pelli and developer and owner Charles S. Cohen. The Blue Building, also known as the blue whale, was completed in 1975 and the Green Building in 1988.

The RedBuilding is composed of two curved, sloping towers atop seven levels of parking. The 6-story West Tower slopes inward against the Hollywood Hills to the north. The 8-story East Tower continues the gesture, curving upward and culminating in a high point to the east. A 7th-floor courtyard planted with palm trees is located between the two towers. The walls facing the Palm Court will be of the same technology as the red walls, but will be of white glass to give the courtyard a light, ethereal quality. The courtyard will offer views of Hollywood Hills to the north and the other buildings of the Design Center. Like the previous two Pacific Design Center buildings, the RedBuilding will be clad in glass. While the glass of the earlier buildings was opaque, the facade of the RedBuilding includes both transparent and fritted glass. To create a taut, all-glass appearance, the red glass is held in its aluminum frames with silicone.

Also working on the project was Harris Rebar with Local 416 (Los Angeles) ironworkers.

Mike Silvey, FST/BM, Local 433, said, “The Red Building is an iconic structure, and another fine example of the expertise of ironworkers in this industry. The unusual geometric layout was accomplished with total station survey equipment and techniques by ironworkers employed by Permasteelisa. The total station training is now being developed for ironworkers, nationwide. It is a great accomplishment to complete the project with zero injuries, particularly with the complex rigging requirements on the reverse slopes.”