November 2013

DOAMM Department Report

We are very fortunate to have Gamma as a partner in the curtain wall industry. The International has worked side by side with Gamma to ensure skilled labor is there for them. Recently, Local 580 (New York) has provided an exemplary work force on two projects; Solow and the Police Academy. Our thanks to all of the ironworkers who made this possible.

Live Work Be Union

Ironworkers role in Gamma’s curtain wall leadership through “performance assured”
Gamma has history with ironworkers.

For more than 40 years, Gamma’s senior management team (the longest continuously operating team in the industry) has relied on effective working partnerships with ironworkers. The result is a reputation for delivering smoothly running, curtain and window wall projects that reflect a standard of excellence in quality, design, engineering and performance.

Today, as one of the largest curtain wall companies in North America with five U.S. offices and four more in Canada, Gamma projects typically involve complex curtain wall solutions for large-scale commercial and residential buildings as well as institutional and public projects, including those for government agencies with particular design requirements.

One of the big reasons Gamma is trusted by owners, developers, public/governmental entities, architects, general contractors is because they know they can count on Gamma and its union ironworkers, to provide the best field work and installation in erecting and installing curtain and window wall systems – on time and on budget, with installation issues anticipated and resolved in advance.

Four Hallmarks of a Proven Relationship

There are a number of reasons why the Gamma – Iron Workers collaboration has been so successful for so many years.

It all starts with Gamma’s longtime leadership in the U.S. Elliot Kracko, chairman, and Matthew Baum, president, have provided a stable foundation together for nearly two generations. Matthew Baum oversees all fieldwork and installation and is proud to be a union ironworker for 35 years. Also as a co-owner and president of field installations, Mike DeHarde, who has been a union ironworker for 42 years, has helped Gamma’s long relationship with ironworkers flourish.

Second, Gamma has proven to be a stable and consistent employer of union ironworkers, with a solid backlog of projects today.

Third, Gamma’s projects typically involve interesting installation complexities that enable ironworkers to further develop their skills.

For example, one recent Gamma project in New York City called for curtain wall at the New School University Center that created one of the largest brass clad structures built in the curtain wall industries history. Specifically, this project is an 18-story, 365,000 gross square-foot building, with 152,000 square feet of custom brass curtain wall panels and with a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold rating—now considered to be one of New York’s greenest buildings.

Lastly, union ironworkers are an important part of delivering on Gamma’s valued customer commitment to “Performance Assured” – a higher standard of responsiveness, accountability and quality for Gamma clients. According to Mike DeHarde, “They want to be part of the highest quality jobs.”