November 2013

Local 14 Ironworkers Complete Certified Installer Course

Over the past three years ironworkers from Local 14 (Spokane, Wash.) and the Pacific Northwest District Council have attended and completed an Installer-Certification course conducted by NCI Group, Inc. Projects are arising in the Northwest where metal roof installers must be certified in order to perform the work. NCI states, “Architects are using metal in more diverse ways than ever before. Because of the intricate details that are created the erector must know and understand the nuances of the system he is installing. As architectural designs become more intricate, so does the installation. To ensure their designs and specifications are complied with, architects are specifying the roof installer be certified by the roofing manufacturer.”

Local 14 Training Coordinator Ethan LeGrand has hosted classes that ironworkers have attended so they could install a variety of roofing systems. Ethan stated, “We have spent approximately $24,000 on ensuring this work remains with the Iron Workers and our contractors by having Authorized Installer Certificates on the job which warranties the roof.” Local 14 also has a roofing system at their facility that helps with the training of journeymen and apprentices. Once NCI is on site, they attach the metal roofing (provided by NCI) to the mock-up over the course of three days, at which point they are qualified, providing they have three years metal roof and wall installation experience.

The training provided is classroom instruction of the products’ technical manual and hands-on instruction of the products’ mock-up details. The class has open discussion and a written test that must be passed to be able to obtain certification. The certification lasts five years and can be renewed for an additional five years for a fee. There are fees required to attend the training and they are based on the number of types of training the worker needs. Each ironworker must complete an application and a résumé that includes five previous metal building projects.

Ethan summarized, “The need to have certified installers is very important to us considering that more and more architects are requesting to have someone certified on the project. The architects want to know that the company and the installer are properly trained and aware of the procedure of installation.”

For more information on becoming a certified installer, please contact the Apprenticeship and Training Department at 202 383-4870.