November 2013

The Iron Workers Honor Those Who Serve and Supports the Union Veterans Council

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It is with great pride that your union is an active supporter of our brothers and sisters who have served our nation through the AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council. The Council (UVC) was formed by the member unions of the AFL-CIO, including the Iron Workers International Union, to speak out on behalf of union members who are themselves military veterans or have family and loved ones who are military veterans. Through a productive and active communication, we will hold government leaders, candidates and public officials accountable to the needs of military veterans. The UVC ultimately hopes to bring together union members, union leaders and government in order to influence public policy on veteran’s issues and to improve the quality of life for military veterans and their families.

I urge you, as part of your duty as a union member, to fill out the Union Veterans Council form and return it to David Kolbe, political and legislative director. Dave is a Vietnam veteran, 1969, and I have assigned him to staff the Union Veterans Council. You may also register for the Union Veterans Council online at Additionally, if you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact Dave at 202-383-4805 or via email at

As ironworkers, let’s do our part to thank our honored veterans with the dignity and respect earned by their service. Thank you for your support of this noble and just cause.


Walter W. Wise
General President