February 2014

IMPACT Helping to Grow Our Union

Contained in this issue of The Ironworker is the 2013 annual report of the Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT). And what an “impact” it has made and continues to make in creating more job opportunities for ironworkers and signatory contractors. The programs developed by IMPACT focus on the mutually beneficial aspects of our industry necessary for our combined success and growth. Safety, training, productivity (labor and management), marketing and much, much more are at work to double market share and grow our contractor base and membership throughout North America.

IMPACT programs originate from the needs of our members and contractors. Whether it is member reimbursement for your TWIC card, no-cost American Welding Society certifications through the national Ironworker Welding Certification Program, state-of-the-art training curriculum from the National Fund or off-the-job accident protection, each individual member derives direct benefit from their IMPACT dollars. By providing websites and project tracking reports, in addition to a variety of leadership courses, local unions have access to an ever-expanding source of information and assistance.  Our signatory contractors not only benefit from the programs listed above, but they also have access to industry expertise that includes educational webinars, assistance in AISC steel erector and fabrication certification, a national substance abuse program, contractor development courses, as well as foreman, superintendent and shop supervisor training. Together we are making the changes necessary for success!

Key to that success are the 13 regional advisory boards (RABs) spanning North America which, since IMPACT’s founding in 2003, have returned millions of dollars to local unions to fund improvements to training facilities, promote marketing, industry lobbying and a variety of grants to address each area’s specific needs.

Each of you, together with our contractor partners, has been responsible for many tremendously successful projects delivered safely, ahead of schedule and under budget. But if no one knows, how do we gain more work? IMPACT makes sure that, not only does everyone know, the decision makers also understand the value that the Iron Workers and contractors can bring to their projects! From trade shows to owner associations to corporate boardrooms, IMPACT and the Iron Workers’ reputation has gained us access to develop the business relationships to gain market share. CEO Kevin Hilton has shown that he is a relentless advocate for the Iron Workers and contractors. The team assembled at IMPACT also deserves recognition for their outstanding performance in representing the union ironworking industry. 

As you take the time to go through the report, you will be able to see how each of these initiatives are working to enhance our competitiveness, create greater work opportunities and provide a better future for you and your family. IMPACT is an investment in our collective future as the union ironworking industry. IMPACT has demonstrated its value to our members and contractors and we will soon reap additional benefits as the economy rebounds this year. We will double our market share and more; much more. 

Thank you for helping to build our great union.