November 2014

John H. Lyons Sr. Scholarship

Introducing our New Electronic Application Process & Celebrating 45 Years of Educational Funding

The John H. Lyons Sr. Scholarship program was started in 1968 to provide educational funding to sons and daughters of Iron Worker members. Since that time, the scholarship program has provided over $2 million in scholarships and other awards, helping the children of our members attend some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. What began as a small program, providing a $1,000 scholarship to one male and one female recipient, has grown through the years as the need for college education has increased, along with the high cost of tuition to achieve that education. Based on funding available, we are proud to provide up to 18 scholarships (6 – $5,000; 6 – $2,500; 6 – $1,500), which are valid for four years, provided the recipient continues to meet academic and other eligibility criteria. For the past several years, funding has also provided the ability to grant a number of one-time $500 awards to deserving candidates.

We are proud to announce that, beginning this year, all applications will be filed electronically. Information regarding scholarship rules, eligibility, selection criteria, etc., can be located on our website at Click on the banner titled “JHL Scholarship” and review all application criteria, making sure to note that a portion must be completed and submitted by the principal or academic advisor of the student’s school. Once all necessary materials have been received, student packets will be compiled and prepared for the judges. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the scholarship office at or by phone at (800) 368-0105, Ext. 899.

Our members often question how the recipients are selected. Each year, a committee of judges, made up of admissions specialists and university professors from local universities, is called in to review the applications and select recipients. The John H. Lyons Sr. Scholarship Foundation is fortunate to have committed, knowledgeable and experienced individuals who serve in this capacity. Vicki Baker (George Washington University) has served on this committee since 1979; Robert Talbot (Catholic University) has served since 1982; and, David Webster (Dickinson College) has served since 2008. Cheri Rice-May, general secretary’s office, and Terry Suite, general treasurer’s office, have worked with the committee for numerous years, preparing application packets and ensuring payment to the recipients.

As we celebrate our 45th anniversary, we felt it was a good time to check in with some past recipients to see where they are now. After reading their stories, it is clear the John H. Lyons Sr. Scholarship Foundation has done an outstanding job of selecting highly qualified individuals.

While each of these recipients has followed their own path, they all agree on one thing, generous support of the John H. Lyons Sr. Scholarship greatly aided in the pursuit of their educational dream.