November 2014

The Off-The-Job Accident Program Can Work For You

Has this ever happened to you? An accident or injury occurs in the off-hours that makes working practically impossible, sidelining you for days or even weeks. With any accident, the uncertainty and worry start almost immediately – Will I be covered if I’m hurt during non-working hours? How will I be able to pay my medical bills? What about my regular bills? How will I be able to support myself and my family if I’m not able to work?

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. With this in mind, IMPACT created a program that will be there for you when you need help most: the Off-The-Job Accident Program. Thanks to this invaluable program, ironworkers hurt during non-work hours will be able to have peace of mind while they’re recovering and getting ready to come back to work.

With this benefit, IMPACT will cover up to two-thirds of your paycheck per week for up to six weeks (see inset for further details). In an era where medical emergencies often break the bank, participants in this program will rest a little easier knowing they will have income while they’re in recovery.

Many unions have greeted the Off-The-Job Accident Program with praise and appreciation. “[The Off-The-Job Accident Program] has been a godsend for our injured members and helps them from digging a financial hole,” said Local 21 (Omaha, Neb.) Business Manager Michael Baker.

And the program benefits contractors and employers, too; by making sure that workers are covered on and off the job, their employees do better work. “[The Program]… meets financial obligations in a time of need for the member… It’s good for morale,” said Harvey Swift, field operations manager for Bennett Steel.

What do actual ironworkers have to say about this program? “I got injured at home,” said Keith Williams, a union member with Local 396 of St. Louis, Mo. “I applied for IMPACT’s Off-The-Job Disability and received $800.00 a week for six weeks. That saved me. This is a terrific IMPACT program.” 

So the next time you hurt yourself, whether you slip in the shower, take a foul ball to the head during your kid’s Little League game or get rear-ended on the way home from a job, rest assured that IMPACT will have your back.



INCOME REPLACEMENT: 66.7% of Weekly Income

MAXIMUM WEEKLY BENEFIT: Up to $800 per Week 
(Total benefit combined with your existing plan and IMPACT Accident Disability Plan)

BENEFIT DURATION: 6 Weeks per Disability

*Eligibility is based on current member eligibility requirements under existing local union health and welfare plans and is subject to approval by the respective regional advisory board trustees. Complete plan details are available through IMPACT. Any potential benefits will be payable as defined in the policy.