December 2014

Local 752 Ironworkers Build Massive Halifax Irving Shipyard

Members of Local 752 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) can be very proud of their recent accomplishments as September 3, 2014 marked the installation of the final piece of steel frame for the Assembly and Ultra Hall Production facility that will produce the Royal Canadian Navy’s newest combat fleet starting in September 2015.

Construction of the 1,200 foot long by 200 foot wide building began in February 2014 and within a record five months, the 45 200-foot-long span trusses were lifted into place, a total of 9,000 tons of structural steel. Walters Inc., the general contractor, as well as Local 752, were very pleased to report no lost-time injuries. 

Work is slated to continue until December on the production building that will be longer than four football fields once completed.

The members of Local 752 signed the last truss before it was lifted 45 metres to be placed on the top of the very north end of the new building.

Local 752 rodmen of Harris Rebar placed 3,200 tonnes of reinforcing steel; of that 1,000 tonnes went into the foundation steel and 2,200 tonnes for slab reinforcement for the bottom mat. The bottom mat consists of 25 metres with six-inch centres and top mat has 25 metres with 12-inch centres.

Manpower varied as site prep allowed peaking at 28 rodmen under the direction of Harris Rebar General Foreman Chris Peterson. 

Allstar Rebar kicked off the Halifax shipyard expansion by placing 1,900 tonnes of reinforcing steel in seven caissons for the wharf expansion. The caissons measured 28 metres by 14 metres wide by 14 metres high. They employed a total of 45 rodmen, working two shifts of 12 hours, on the continuous slip form that took seven weeks to complete. After the caissons were set in place, Allstar placed an additional 200 tonnes in cope wall reinforcing.

Local 752 would like to thank Local 842 (Saint John, New Brunswick) for help in manning this job, as it was a busy year for rebar in Nova Scotia.