December 2014

Local 97 Nears Completion of Kitimat Modernization Project (KMP)

The Kitimat Modernization project started with the demolition of Pot-Lines back in 2011. The Iron Workers have been on site now for three years. 

The project started at $2.7 billion but has now come in at $3.3 billion and at peak, 500 ironworkers were on site. It has been a great job for the men and women in the unionized ironworking trade.

During 2013, a couple hundred travel cards made their way to the project; 75 of those were our brothers and sisters from the USA. As of September 2014, 300-plus ironworkers were on site building one of the biggest aluminum smelters in the country.

Local 97 (Vancouver, British Columbia) FST/BM James Leland stated, “The project has been a great success for the Iron Workers trade bringing out the best in our guys and allowing our younger generation to see the mechanical side to our trade. This is one of those ‘once in a lifetime jobs’ and the knowledge gained at the KMP will be a huge benefit for the rest of their careers.”

The companies employing ironworkers were: Bechtel, Morgan Millwright & Mechanical Services Inc., Sarens Canada Inc., ABB, Bantrel Management Services Co., HB Construction Company, CIMS Limited Partnership, Stelcon Industrial Services Ltd., 101 Industries Ltd., DL Baker Construction Canada ULC, V.S.L. Canada Ltd. (Harris Rebar), Exact Reinforcing and CanaSteel Rebar Services Corp.

Local 97 has not seen a project with this many contractors in decades. The work done by the Iron Workers is setting a standard and it has helped to establish the Iron Workers as the lead trade, even with the usual attacks on our jurisdiction from other crafts. The Iron Workers good standing on this project will help secure future work for our union members.

Local 97 wishes to thank the ironworkers from all over North America who made the journey up to Kitimat and who are safely, efficiently, and productively contributing to the completion of this project.