May 2015

Rose Metal Industries Partners with Local 468

The skylines of our cities are a reflection of our work witnessed everyday by simply driving down the street. Countless man-hours go into these endeavors, our lives’ work, from the structural fabricator to our brothers and sisters in the field who erect them, but in the Shop Department not all of our work can be seen from the street. 

Members of Shop Local 468 (Cleveland) cover a diversity of work spanning from structural fabrication to light manufacturing and all points in between. Rose Metal Industries, a signatory employer of Shopmen’s Local 468, employs members who manufacture customer driven products through modern processes. Rose Metal owner Bob Rose has worked to maintain a legacy of work and craftsmanship rarely seen today in their blacksmith and forge shops, also a part of Rose Metal Industries. In the very shop where it all began two generations before him, Rose along with our members work to produce iron works, such as the chandelier in the bottom photo on right, which is installed and in use at the state of Ohio’s governor’s mansion. Their work serves as a testament to our heritage as ironworkers, the jobs we do today and the skills we carry into the future.

The primary team creating the chandelier fixture, included Local 468 members Jim Tyson, Steve Moorhouse and Mike Homa, working closely with owner Bob Rose, as well as Jeff Dietz, draftsman. A number of other local and staff members assisted by providing either hands-on or consulting assistance.