May 2015

Shop Department Report

The year 2014 has come and in a blink of the eye it has passed us by, however the Shop Department has made much progress. We have begun to leave a footprint for others to follow into the future.

Our internal and external organizing campaigns have proven to be successful. Inch by inch we are increasing our shop membership and market share. With a recovering economy and organizing efforts things have been moving in the right direction. The Initial Organizing Contract Fund (I.O.C.F.) increase, which was approved at the 42nd International Iron Workers Convention by the delegates, has been accountable for thirty-five percent of the new membership that has been brought in through our organizing efforts. We have also been working on joint organizing campaigns with the outside with the assistance of General Vice President Bernie Evers and the Organizing Department. One Union-One Ironworkers.

In 2015, we will be launching the new restructuring plan for the Shop Department and additional boots on the ground will be added in order to grow our market share and represent our members.

Our Shop Steward Training Program has been very successful throughout the United States and Canada since its inception in 2014 and we will continue to conduct training sessions and provide our rank and file the tools they need to conduct themselves in a professional and productive manner in order to represent our members to the best of their abilities and build power from the ground up.

In 2015, we launched for the first time ever the Shop Jobline, which will provide our signatory shop employers the capability to post job opportunities and access a qualified and skilled workforce. This will also afford our members the opportunity when work is slow or they are laid-off to seek union work in other areas.

Another first was the 2014 Outstanding Apprenticeship Competition held this past year in Ontario, Canada where our shop apprentices competed along with the outside ironworkers and were able to showcase their talents and represent the Shop Department and their signatory employers. Executive Director Lee Worley, his staff and everyone involved rolled out the red carpet for all of our competitors, welcomed us and conducted one of the finest competitions to date.

The Shop Department with the assistance of the outside ironworkers is adapting to meet the needs of the future and moving in a forward direction. Together as One Union-One Ironworkers we can accomplish anything and everything we set our minds to do. Now is the time to get involved, participate and join this great labor movement. The future is ours to build.

Shop Steward Training Course

I am very excited to roll out this essential training to our shop stewards throughout the United States and Canada. My hope is that this will move our Shop Department forward to enable us to continue to represent our members to the very best of our abilities for generations to come.

I personally want to thank General Organizers Anthony Rosaci, Anthony Butkovich and Eric Bohn for their assistance and efforts in creating this program, and of course Dr. Rick Sullivan, who prepared all of our course materials.

Classes have been and are being conducted in our local unions throughout both countries (United States and Canada) and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Success can only be achieved by having a positive attitude, participating and engaging others. When our members do this we create and produce a quality product that we all can prosper from. 

Representation of our members is the number one job of our stewards in order for us to maintain a partnership with our signatory employers. The steward is the first line of communication with our members and the company. The Steward Training Course is an effective tool to educate and empower today’s steward to assist them with their numerous responsibilities that they are tasked with on a day-to-day basis.

When this training is offered to your local, I ask you to embrace it with a positive attitude and engage other members to participate. The outcome will be a sure path to success.

To all of those stewards who have completed the Shop Steward Training course, congratulations, keep up the good work and remember: Representing our members is job number one!