June 2015


Ironworkers from Local 416 (Los Angeles) are ready for any challenge. 
Training and expertise have been put to the test while placing rebar at the Sunset La Cienega project, a 10-story boutique hotel with two towers in West Hollywood, California. The hotel features 296 rooms, restaurants, three levels of underground parking, 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail and an open-air plaza, according to the developer CIM Group.

The project presents a challenge because of a lack of space onsite to stockpile material, but ironworkers found a way around it.

“Usually on jobs we’ll have a column yard, and we’ll prefabricate columns—there’s no room for that. So we’re prefabricating columns in Las Vegas, trucking them out here and flying them into position with cranes,” CMC Rebar Superintendent Craig (Griz) Grismanauskas says. 

Before the end of the project, ironworkers from Local 416 will have installed more than six million pounds of reinforcing steel on the Sunset La Cienega project, including the foundation, the three levels of subterranean parking and the two towers. The project also will require union-installed post-tension cables on decks as well as welded wire fabric.

Aside from dealing with the usual challenges for this type of project, these ironworkers also must manage construction around Hollywood and the Oscars. Ironworkers start their work day later than usual because of the area’s rules on noise. And during the Oscars, the ironworkers did not work due to the heavy traffic. 

“We are professionals and have the safety and industry training to be able to do a lot of preplanning and scheduling to make sure we meet the needs of our contractor, which means we are also meeting the needs of the owner,” says Grismanauskas. 

Grismanauskas is running this job from Las Vegas because of the heavy workload in Los Angeles, which is keeping ironworkers there extremely busy. 

CMC Rebar General Foreman Vince Saavedra and a dozen Las Vegas ironworkers relocated to the Los Angeles area for a year. They commuted back and forth on weekends to spend time with their families to make Sunset La Cienega happen.

Sunset La Cienega is expected to open in the fall of 2016.

Sunset La Cienega
General contractor: Soffolk
Concrete contractor: Largo
Shop: Local 509
Rebar: CMC Rebar (Local 416)
General Foreman: Vince Saavedra
Foreman: Juan Orpineda
Foreman: Matt Kingsbury
Foreman: James Brooks