January 2016

Ironworkers for Hillary!

The International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers is proud to announce our support for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States in 2016.

A presidential endorsement is not something that our union takes lightly. Candidates have to meet a high standard of competence and statesmanship, and need to have a proven record standing up for us and the jobs we live by. When the General Executive Council (GEC) of the International Association met on Friday, November 20, 2015 to discuss a presidential endorsement, the decision was unanimous. Hillary Clinton is the best champion for the Iron Workers in 2016.

The GEC reviewed the qualifications of each candidate for president while coming to its decision. While the council felt that several other candidates align with ironworker values, none compare to Secretary Clinton when it comes to putting those beliefs into practice. Clinton’s record of looking out for the jobs that ironworkers rely on was the largest factor in the council’s decision. Her support for workers’ rights, infrastructure investment, and economic opportunity lines up with the union’s priorities for the next administration. Secretary Clinton’s unmatched experience in government will enable her to deliver on her promises in ways the other candidates cannot.

Secretary Clinton’s readiness to take on the global challenges, threats and opportunities faced by our country also played a role in the union’s decision. The Secretary was tested as soon as she entered the U.S. Senate by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Many readers of this magazine sacrificed their health rescuing victims and clearing rubble on “the Pile” in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia. Then-Senator Clinton sponsored legislation to provide for the ironworkers and others who suffer lingering health effects from the attacks. Between her time in the Senate and her service as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has more post-9/11 defense and foreign policy experience than all other serious presidential candidates, Republican and Democratic, combined.

With many jobs connected to the energy and manufacturing sectors, ironworkers are directly affected by new regulations on greenhouse gases and other environmental issues. In the union’s assessment, other candidates for president have either unconstructively denied climate change or shown a cavalier attitude towards jobs lost due to environmental regulation. There’s no room for ideology with so much at stake, we need practical solutions. The union expects Clinton to take a balanced approach, protecting the public from pollution while keeping Americans at work building the economy.

We have so much at stake in this election. Roads need building and bridges need replacing. The United States needs to rebuild its manufacturing and stand up to countries like China that don’t play fair. Right to Work legislation is on the march in the states, threatening to slash our hard-won wages and benefits. Federal judges, from the lowest all the way to the Supreme Court, will be chosen by the next president, and their decisions will affect our rights and freedoms well into the next generation. We need someone we can rely on in the White House. We need Hillary Clinton.

The GEC encourages all union ironworkers to register to vote and bring their families to the polls in 2016. Join labor walks and calls to get the word out to our fellow union members. Besides the president, voters across the United States will choose 12 governors, 34 senators, and countless state and local officials. 2016 is a vital year for ironworkers to make their voices heard.