July 2016

Mastering the Market Share: Reinforcing Industry 2016

The highly anticipated sports and entertainment venue is finally a reality in Las Vegas. Many proposals were on the list to showcase the latest and greatest in sporting and entertainment events. T-Mobile Arena (originally dubbed the Las Vegas Event Center), the first to make it out of the planning room and on to the Las Vegas strip, opened on April 6, 2016. It is one of the first facilities in over 20 years to have been built for entertainment purposes on the strip and is certain to be another iconic addition to the infamous Las Vegas strip.

The Hunt/Penta joint venture was official prior to the groundbreaking in the summer of 2014. The project, at a reported value $350 million, is a 640,000-square-feet event center, which will be host to concerts, professional bull riding, UNLV basketball, the UFC, and other sporting and entertainment events. In addition, this state-of-the-art facility will include a night club and fine dining.

Although the T-Mobile Arena is the official name, AEG corporate headquarters and the MGM Resorts International are the owners on record. The installation of reinforcing steel plays a crucial role in the construction of any facility; the Gerdau Reinforcing crew sizes varied from 16–20 at peak, to 6–8 ironworkers on average in order to get the job done. Approximately 2,600 tons of rebar was placed in the arena boasting an astounding 20,000 seats for future event attendees. One of the biggest challenges facing the Gerdau crew was the double-lift walls during the elevator core stage, according to General Foreman Kevin Parker. The 50,000-pound critical lifts, although daunting, were performed safely and within the designated time frame. He reflected on the coordinated efforts between the other subcontractors, creative scheduling and the importance of a good crew. 

Brother Parker gave credit to his crew, which varied from the summer of 2014 until spring of 2016, all members of Local 416: Mike Crawford, presently Gerdau field superintendent; Mike Conley Jr; Nathaniel Scott; Angel Solis; Daniel Camargo; Raul Castillo; Mike Ordunez; Eric Blosser; Chad Hunwardsen Sr.; Charlie Gonzales; Ken Clark; Cameron Roberts; Shaun Dungey; Ruben Sabedra; Noel Sarabia; Jose Aguilar Menchaca; Joseph Perez; Chris Walker; Sean McEneany; Gabriel Lopez; Chris Lowy; Myles Hunwardsen; Jose Avila; Colby Lee; Shawn Egnew; Brensin Kamanu; Robert McBride; Carlos Flores; Valente Munoz; Robert Saxelby; Juan D. Arcos; Juan Arcos Gallegos; Drew Ondush; Troy Nelson; Keoni Kauhi; Ezequiel Rodriguez; and Mychal Sanchez for bringing their knowledge, skill and grit to get the job done right. Brother Parker also recognized the efforts of his key men Uriel Calvillo, Steve Guerra and Robert Thomann for their performance and individual roles in helping making the project a success. 

More details are available online, and you may view them, in addition to photos and videos, at arenalasvegas.com.

Project Information

How was the arena job obtained?
The Las Vegas Arena job was obtained by following bidding procedures and being competitive.

How long has Gerdau been part of Local 416?
PCS in partnership with Gerdau has been part of Local 416 since 1999, dropping the PCS and becoming Gerdau Reinforcing in 2012.

How many total employees does Gerdau have?
1,200 employees throughout Gerdau Reinforcing Steel West.

Was the Gerdau portion of work performed on time and on budget?
Yes, with zero lost-time accidents.

How many man-hours on the job?
As of March 2016, there was 17,686.5 man-hours.