Record Breaking Registration at Iron Workers/IMPACT Annual Meeting

Feb 25, 2015

Ironworkers, Contractors and Business Owners Gather to Discuss Safety, Quality and Productivity

More than 1,000 ironworkers, contractors and end-users gathered for a three-day conference focused on reinforcing business ties in one of the most iconic building trades.

The North American Iron Workers/ IMPACT Labor-Management Conference is their grand showcase, where ironworkers exhibit their expertise—unparalleled safety, unmatched quality and stellar productivity—to construction industry leaders.

Attendees all agreed that more and better training, incentives for safe behavior and more consequences for unsafe behavior would have the greatest positive impact on improving the Iron Workers’ safety culture.

“We value safety in apprenticeship and training—our first priority is to ensure every ironworker goes home safe at the end of the day. That’s why IMPACT funds the Iron Workers Safety & Health Department, hosts safety trainings, partners with the National Training Fund to promote Iron Workers’ apprenticeship programs and rewards those participating in projects with zero safety incidents,” says Iron Workers General President Walter Wise.

A buffet of breakout and training sessions aimed at contractors and ironworkers covered topics ranging from work opportunities in the reinforcing industry to crafting locals’ images through creative strategies and tactics associated with getting contractors more work. With the valuable takeaways from these sessions, ironworkers and contractors can be at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

“Our strength as an organization lies in the incredible commitment to innovation by our board of trustees, staff and partners,” said William Brown, CEO of Ben Hur Construction Company and management co-chair for IMPACT. “The level of interest we’ve seen in IMPACT this year is truly a testament to the value of our programs.”

“This conference opens the eyes of ironworkers, contractors and owners to the good work we do, especially in the way of safety and training programs for our members and contractors” says Kevin Hilton, IMPACT’s CEO.

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