Iron Workers Salute President Biden’s State of the Union Message

Mar 02, 2022

The International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers salutes President Joe Biden’s message to the U.S. Congress in his State of the Union address.

In his speech, President Biden did not shy away from the challenges and uncertainty that many Americans are living with. But his words remind us that America has overcome challenges before through unity and determination.

The president highlighted his administration’s initiatives that meet the country’s challenges head-on and bring us together. The American Rescue Plan offered a lifeline to working people during the middle of the pandemic. The ARP kept state governments afloat and their infrastructure funds full, preserving and creating thousands of ironworker jobs. The Rescue Plan’s investments powered the recovery that has kept unemployment low all the way to today.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is a historic investment that will transform America’s transportation, water and energy systems for the better. The ongoing rollout promises good union jobs and opportunity for every community in America. The bipartisan majorities that passed the law in both houses of Congress are proof that we can still work together.

President Biden emphasized his administration’s substantial focus on domestic manufacturing as an important tool to create jobs, secure supply chains and lower costs. Since Biden entered office, the Iron Workers have seen an explosion of investment in factories for semiconductors, electric vehicles and other manufactured goods. The administration’s policies will foster and expand this manufacturing renaissance.

The Iron Workers support these and other policies to help working-class Americans and will continue to work with the administration to help them succeed. This is an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s achievements and plan to meet the challenges of the present. If we are united, as a union and as Americans, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

IW Statement on the State of the Union Message

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