IMPACT Program

Outreach Services to District Councils, Local Unions, and IMPACT

Ironworkers-IMPACT National Safety Honors Program

Many projects throughout the United States and Canada are completed by our members and contractor’s on-time, on-budget, with outstanding safety performance.  However, we regret that many of these projects remain unnoticed to project owners, regulatory agencies, insurance carriers, and others in the construction industry. 

The Iron Workers International and IMPACT have established the “Ironworkers-IMPACT National Safety Honors Program” that is designed to formally recognize Ironworkers and contractors who achieve outstanding safety performance.  Following are some of the highlights of the Program that will be posted in future publications, District Councils, and local unions.

  • Members must work 500 accident free work hours for the bi-annual awards drawing.
  • Members must work 1000 accident free hours for the annual awards drawing.
  • A total of 800 nominations will be selected for the bi-annual (2 per year) drawing from all IMPACT Regions.
  • Each IMPACT Region is eligible to submit 40 applications bi-annually, every 6 months.
  • 400 bi-annual winners = 400 x $250 gift cards = $100,000.
  • A total of 800 bi-annual winners each year = 800 x $250 gift cards =  $200,000
  • Contractors and Ironworkers are limited to one bi-annual nomination annually.
  • Five of the eligible 800 winners will be chosen for the Grand prize drawing.
  • Five awards finalists will attend IMPACT Annual Conference.
  • Grand prize winner = $30,000 pick-up truck (Ford, Chevy, Dodge).
  • 1st prize winner       =    $1,000 cash
  • 2nd prize winner       =    $1,000 cash
  • 3rd prize winner       =     $1,000 cash
  • 4th prize winner       =     $1,000 cash