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The road to becoming a journeyman ironworker is through apprenticeship training. The Iron Workers apprenticeship program is a well-organized and supervised method of training people, with little or no knowledge of the craft, to become journeymen ironworkers qualified in all segments of the trade.

Apprentices earn while they learn, working on the job alongside the journeymen. In addition, they attend classes of related and supplemental instruction, approximately 160 hours per year for four years.

Starting wages for ironworker apprentices vary, but are usually 50% of a journeyman's wage. As an apprentice accumulates an established number of on-the-job hours plus related and supplemental instruction hours, wages are increased at regular intervals.

Graduating apprentices attain journeyman status and receive full pay for the skills they have earned.

Ironworking has many sectors. Each sector involves challenging and difficult work, often on tall structures at high elevations. Ironworkers must be willing to work as a team. They must be able to meet rigid standards and deadlines. They must have a good sense of balance and be alert to potential danger to themselves and others. The apprenticeship program includes comprehensive safety training.

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