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Tell Congress: America's infrastructure cannot wait. Support the Build Back Better Agenda!


President Biden has called on Congress to pass a package of bills known as the Build Back Better Agenda. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed the Senate this summer but still needs to pass the House of Representatives. Its companion, the Budget Reconciliation bill, calls for investments in our communities that go beyond roads and bridges to create jobs and give working families the peace of mind we’ve been looking for. 

This could be a huge opportunity to secure work for ironworkers and strengthen our union. We need your help to make sure ironworkers’ voices are heard. 

The bipartisan infrastructure bill proposes the single largest investment in America’s roads and bridges since the interstate highway system was built decades ago. Our communities need this bill to ensure every American has access to safe, reliable transportation, drinking water, and internet access. The budget reconciliation bill calls for common sense items – like extending the child tax credit, setting and enforcing labor standards on federal projects and strengthening registered apprenticeship programs. 

We need your help to make this plan a reality. Contact your representatives today and ask them to support the Build Back Better Agenda. 

Americans have waited long enough – now is the time to invest in our communities. Regardless of your political leanings - Republican, Democrat, or anything in between - your voice as an ironworker is important to pushing this plan across the finish line.

Tell Congress - America's working families can’t wait. Support the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the budget reconciliation bill. 

What you can do:

Email your representatives. Tell them that these bills are vital to working families across the U.S. –

Call the Iron Workers Legislative Hotline at 1(844) 332-8460. Tell Congress – working families cannot wait. It’s time to pass the Build Back Better Agenda.