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ANSI Construction Standard Revised to Cover Reinforced, Post-Tensioned Concrete

Jan 24, 2013

By Bruce Rolfsen


Key Development: ANSI construction committee approves revisions adding guidelines for reinforced and post-tensioned concrete.

Impact: Proponents say the rule will improve safety and should spur OSHA to adopt a similar standard.

What's Next: Revisions should be published by spring.


The American National Standards Institute consensus standard for concrete and masonry construction work, ANSI A10.9, will be updated to include guidelines for reinforced and post-tensioned concrete.

Steve Rank, chairman of the A10 Committee for Construction and Demolition Operations subgroup that drafted the revision, told BNA Jan. 16 that new language specifically addresses safe procedures for working with metal-strengthened concrete and does not alter the standard's other guidelines.

The ANSI guidelines “give a clear line of responsibility” for oversight, Rank said.

The update was approved in early January with near-unanimous agreement by members of the full A10 committee, said Rank, who is also executive director of safety and health for the International Association of Iron Workers.

Some of the key safety provisions in the revised standard cover site conditions for crane access and material storage, column guying and stability, formwork inspection and stability prior to access, impalement protection, hoisting and rigging of rebar assemblies, post-tensioning operations, fall protection, and training requirements.

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