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New Iron Workers Membership Card Consolidates Skills and Qualifications

Nov 07, 2014

Ironworkers and their employers now have immediate access to all training, certifications and membership information with the scan of a code. The Iron Workers now utilize a new membership card that will identify each ironworker with a distinct QR (Quick Response) code. This easily accessible technology can be scanned by any tablet or smart phone equipped with a QR code reading application; a reader is conveniently located in the new Ironworker app available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The codes contain not only basic membership information, such as the worker’s name and picture, but also all training qualifications the ironworker may have earned through one of 150 Iron Worker training centers across the country. As many projects now require documented training qualifications and certifications, the membership cards allow this information to be readily available for confirmation by owners and employers and will expedite the hiring process.

“This technology represents an opportunity to demonstrate to owners and contractors, alike, why Ironworkers are the best value for the safe and efficient delivery of their projects,” said General President Walter W. Wise.

The membership cards were mailed in early August to all active and retired members.

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