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Iron Workers Set the Standard for Rigger and Signal Person Qualification

May 28, 2021

National Commission for Certifying Agencies Accredit Iron Workers Rigger and Signal Person Certification

The Iron Workers (IW) Rigger and Signalperson Certification has received accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies, a division of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, as of April 22, 2021.

OSHA’s 2010 Subpart CC Cranes and Derricks in Construction standard doesn’t require a certification, but it calls for a “qualified evaluator” to ensure that the rigger or signal person is qualified to carry out required tasks. A letter of interpretation from OSHA recognizes apprenticeship programs that train and assess signal persons and riggers would meet the definition for a third-party qualified evaluator, but many contractors, states and municipalities have requested or required a qualified rigger and signal person certification. 

“A true certification requires testing, record keeping and recertification by a third party,” said IW Executive Director of Apprenticeship and Training Lee Worley. “Third-party training and certification comes with a hefty price tag – all without input on testing from subject matter experts, ironworkers and their contractors. Recertification can cost up to $500.”

Sponsored by the ironworker-contractor partnership IMPACT, the IW Rigger and Signalperson Certification program was launched last year, eliminating the high price tag of certification for ironworkers. 

Ironworker International Certification Board designated a program director to work with subject matter experts and an accredited job analysis facilitator from Nocti Business Solutions to develop the certification. Subject matter experts developed testing components using Job Task Analysis (JTA) and feedback from apprentice coordinators, ironworkers and contractors. Examinations are administered through a secure learning management system under proctor supervision. 

“It is a monumental achievement,” said Worley. “Our exam eligibility requirements include 6,000 hours of rigging-related experience, completion of a 3-part exam, and recertification by full testing every five years. This certification will enable the Ironworkers to meet industry demands, and we are excited to bring this level of professionalism to our Industry.”

The IW has set the standard for testing and qualifying riggers and signal persons with its accredited, third-party certification.


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