• October 24, 2014

  • Local 577, Burlington, Iowa

    IMMEDIATELY need certified welders and structural ironworkers for long term job working 6-10s with $70 per day per diem – OSHA 10 within 2 years or OSHA 30 – drug and alcohol testing –   contact the local before traveling at 319-752-6951 (10/24/14)
  • Local 70, Louisville, Kentucky

    1st job posting:  need structural ironworkers for job working 7-12s for two weeks - orientation  10/29/14 - job starts 10/31/14
    2nd job posting: need structural ironworkers for job working 7-10s for two weeks - orientation 11/11/14 - job starts 11/17/14
    3rd job posting: need structural ironworkers for job working 5-10s - job starts 11/27/14
    journeyman rate $26.97; Health/Welfare $6.35; Pension $8.90 and Annuity $4.00 Drug testing will be required - call Local 70 before traveling at (502) 637-8796 (10/24/14)
  • Local 340, Battle Creek, MI

    Need 10 structural welders working 5/10s and 1/8 at Consumer Energy, Port Sheldon, Holland, Michigan for job lasting approximately 30 days.  Welding certification testing on site and also drug test on site.  Call Matt Schabes at (269) 962-8511. (10/23/14)
  • Local 584, Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Need Journeymen Structural Ironworkers and Journeymen Welders for 5/10’s - 6/10’s.- Pay is $23.60 for Structural Journeymen and $23.85 for Journeymen Welders.  Also have openings for Metal Building Hands and Foreman.  Some jobs are offering per diem, varies from project to project.  All work is projected to last through next year.  Text for more information (918) 607-2649 (10/22/14)


  • Local 387, Atlanta, GA

    Upcoming long term 40 hour plus projects. Need if structural welders and riggers.  Must have International welding certification and current in IMPACT System.  Must complete required upgrades within 4 months of commencement of work.  Upgrades may be viewed at Must have Drivers License and NON LAMINATED Social Security Card" - contact the local at 404-505-0022 (10/22/14)
  • Local 92, Birmingham, Alabama

    10 Certified Welders w/ International Welding Papers for 6-10's for 4 weeks at E. C. Gaston Steam Plant beginning Monday, October 27, 2014.  Need OSHA 10, Power Safe Training, Current Drivers License and unlaminated Social Security Card.  Must be clear to work on Southern Company projects and able to pass a drug test during orientation.  Call Bart Maddox at 205-323-4551 for more information (10/22/14) 
  • Local 89, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    need 5 structural hands for Lansing, Iowa at the Alliant Powerhouse - call 319-365-8675 (10/21/14)
  • Local 24, Denver, Colorado

    Need 10 journeyman ironworkers for job in southern Colorado working 7-12s - drug testing required - contact the local at 303.623.5386 (10/15/14)
  • Local 84, Houston, Texas

    Local 84 needs red badge ironworkers or ironworkers wanting to obtain their red badge for nuclear site work.  If they are interested call 7139283361 and we will instruct you on the next steps to either obtain a red badge or if you have a red badge give you information pertaining to the job.  The job will be working 40/hrs at 28.70/hr.  This job will run through spring 2015.  If you do not have a red badge and are interested know that you must actually go to the site and work to obtain.  You can not just obtain one and not work the job. 

    Local 84 will also need certified riggers in the near future.  If interested call and leave your information so that we have it for future use.  Some jobs will require a TWIC, Basic Plus and either the NCCER/NCCCO or internationals qualified riggers card.  Make sure to clarify which card and certs you have.  The basic plus will be given in town through Houston Area Safety Council. Call 713.928.3361 (10/7/14)


  • Local 28, Richmond, Virginia

    Need structural ironworkers  and certified welders with current papers – working 4/10’s and 2/8’s -  call the Local at 804-716-2081 before traveling (9/8/14)
  • Local 16, Baltimore, Maryland

    Ironworkers Local 16 is in need of certified SMAW welders at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station. The actual outage will begin on October 19, 2014.  We are presently setting up reporting dates. It is a make or break welding test. An FBI background check will be conducted as part of the clearance process. Need not be presently Red Badged to inquire. The test consist double bevel 1/2" pates with a 1/8" back up strip requiring a Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead. A  combination of 3/32 and 1/8 wire is needed to pass the test. Present Rate is $27.23, Check off is 4%, Vacation $1.00, and Annuity is $2.10. The location of the plant is 1848 Lay Road, Delta Pa. 17314 - interested ironworkers please contact Business Manager Tom Brune at 410-591-2942 (10/1/14)

  • Local 263, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

    Immediately need wire welders with 232 certification - working 7-10s - paying $4.00 above scale - Contact West Texas Business Agent Jerrod Strange at 817-371-7574 or email at (8/29/14)

  • Local 709, Savannah, GA

    IMMEDIATELY NEED JOURNEYMEN for job at Vogtle Nuclear Plant in Waynesboro, Georgia  - also need Journeymen Riggers and Welders. All welders must pass SMAW and either FCAW or GMAWP. OSHA 10, Int'l Rigging Certs, 7 year background and 5 year work history. A valid drivers license is required. Journeyman $26.74 hr and welders $28.74 + $5.00 incentive from employer (welders only). Please contact local 709 at 912-748-5259 for more information (9/30/14)
  • Local 135, Galveston, Texas

    need ironworker riggers with NCCCO Level 1 or Level 2 or NCCER certified plus for ongoing turnarounds - drug testing and clean background required – rate $28.25 – contact the local at 409-935-2421 (9/12/14)
  • Local 55, Toledo, OH

    immediately need 12 red badge rodmen for Davis Bessey Nuclear Plant in Monroe, Michigan - job working 6-10s - drug testing required - contact the local at 419-385-6613 (2/21/14)
  • Local 11, Newark, New Jersey

    Immediately need rodmen, structural ironworkers and certified welders, with current papers.  Only those current with the IMPACT system need apply.  Please call the Local before traveling at 973-338-3777 (7/25/14)
  • Local 512, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

    immediately need reinforcing and certified post tension ironworkers for various jobs - one job working 6-10s and jobs outside metro area with per diem - also need structural and bar joist ironworkers - certifications are a must: OSHA 10/30, MSHA, stick and wire - jobs currently working 5-8s with some overtime - jobs outside metro area with per diem - please have current dues receipt before arriving in Local 512 - contact the local at 651-489-1488 (8/4/14)
  • Local 846, Georgia

    IMMEDIATELY NEED JOURNEYMEN RODMEN for job at Vogtle Nuclear Plant in Waynesboro, Georgia - must pass 7 year background check - must have OSHA 10 - contact the local for additional information at 803-644-2187 or toll free 866-336-9163 (7/3/14)
  • Local 8, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    RODBUSTERS ARE NEEDED NOW!  Also looking for structural, machinery moving, ornamental & welder ironworkers.  Multiple job sites, short-term and long-term work is available.  Pay scale ranges between $26.03 and $30.77, plus $10.02 Pension, $9.10 Health, and $4.25 Annuity.  Call Business Manager Tony Mayrhofer at 414-476-9370, extension #2 or email tmayrhofer, leave your first and last name, phone number, home local and membership number (8/8/14)
  • Local 58, New Orleans, LA and Local 623, Baton Rouge, LA

    Need steel erection superintendents for various projects across the State of Louisiana.  Contact Local 58 at 504-943-6663 or Local 623 at 225-357-3262 for more information.  (7/17/14)
  • Local 847, Omaha, Nebraska

    Immediately need reinforcing ironworkers - background check, OSHA 10 and current dues required -contact the LU847 office in Omaha - 402-731-2490 (4/11/14)
  • Local 377, San Francisco, California

    need Journeyman Rebar Hands in the Bay Area - prior to traveling contact dispatch Terry Dunnigan at  415-285-3880  ext  115 (4/30/14)

Ironworker Facts

  • In its 115 year history, the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers has been led by just twelve general presidents-Edward Ryan, John Butler, Frank Buchanan, Frank Ryan, James McClory, Paul Morrin, John Lyons Sr., John Lyons Jr., Juel Drake, Jake West, Joseph Hunt, and Walter Wise.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor-Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of ironworkers is projected to grow 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. The need to rehabilitate, maintain, and replace a growing number of older bridges is expected to drive employment growth, as will the ongoing construction of large projects, such as high-rise buildings. Job opportunities should be best in metropolitan areas, where most large construction projects take place.
  • With the completion of every job, it has been a tradition of the Iron Workers to celebrate with a “Topping Out” ceremony when the last beam of the building or bridge is set in place. The tradition is usually done with a Christmas tree, a flag, and an Iron Workers banner, which are hoisted and displayed on the final beam. Traditionally, the last beam is signed by all the ironworkers who worked on that project, representing both their skills employed and their pride in the completed structure.
  • The first shop local of the International, Local 40 (Newark, N.J.), was chartered in 1902 and was designated as "Inside Architectural Bridge and Structural Iron Workers."
  • Union members earn better wages and benefits than workers who aren’t union members. On average, union workers’ wages are 28 percent higher than their nonunion counterparts.

    While only 19 percent of nonunion workers have guaranteed pensions, fully 78 percent of union workers do.

    More than 84 percent of union workers have jobs that provide health insurance benefits, but only 64 percent of nonunion workers do. Unions help employers create a more stable, productive workforce—where workers have a say in improving their jobs.

    Unions help bring workers out of poverty and into the middle class. In fact, in states where workers don’t have union rights, workers’ incomes are lower.

  • Close to 10,000 participants have completed approximately 400,000 hours of training during the 29 years of the Annual Ironworker Instructor Training Program.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook handbook predicts faster-than-average job growth the next eight years for carpenters, masons and iron and steel workers across the nation.